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The case studies evaluate 1 the changes in water quantity and quality in a wetland area several miles north of an area of former solution-brine mining, 2 the development of recent bedrock fractures above former solution brine-mining areas, and 3 the development and timing of landslide movement. The advantage of contemporary dendrochronology is that tree-ring analysis can provide a background of hydrologic and geomorphic change when no direct documentation or data are available. Dendrochronological interpretation of geomorphic processes. Google Scholar Brown, H. Pith-Ray Flecks in Wood. Anatomical, chemical, and ecological factors affecting tree species choice in dendrochemistry studies. Journal of Environmental Quality

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Life in the Village and beyond, based around the interests of my life. Sunset at Telegraph Point. A Small Review My old friend, Hans Brunner, has just released a new publication for hand tool enthusiasts, and for Stanley plane lovers and collectors. Stanley Planes – An Australian Guide to Identification and Value by Hans Brunner covers most Stanley planes, their manufacturing details and prices realised – as well as illustrative pictures of each plane discussed.

This has been fully revised and added to in this publication. Hans is very specific in pointing out from the opening remarks in this catalogue of planes, that he has written it to address the two most basic questions that people ask – what is it, and what is it worth?

The motivation behind Stanley’s decision to develop the Bed Rock line of planes is debatable. However, given their genius at marketing and creating demand, I suspect it was driven by a couple of different factors. In , Justice Traut patented what would become the basic Bed Rock design.

Dating stanley bedrock planes I just bought one today dating stanley bedrock planes same discription Like Like. Rear Depth Adj Screw. February 4, at 7: Stanley 65 type 1 restoration time tested tools. About Claire Price dating stanley bedrock planes While comprehensive type studies exist for the no. Using existing reference material from the previous type studies, I poured over old catalogs, advertisements, the planes themselves, and anything else I could get my hands on.

Rather than try to create a formal type study, I decided to focus more on the practical goal of simply establishing criteria for dating the planes within the narrowest possible time frame. While there are still some gaps and inconsistencies across models some of which appear within the published type studies of the nos. I intend to eventually format the data into a more usable format, but for now I want to put it out for reference and feedback.

By cross-referencing the key features below, you should be able to narrow down the age of dating stanley bedrock planes plane to within a few years of manufacture.

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Three hand saws inc. Three Disston hand saws inc. Two Keen Kutter saws: Needs a light cleaning, good etch.

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One of these was a series of buoys, each containing thermometers located ten feet above the water and at one foot below the water. The study found that water temperatures increased on average by 0. As of July , no similar study has been conducted on a global basis. The largest gap between any of the datasets in any year was 0. To determine whether 20th century warming is unusual, it is essential to place it in the context of longer-term climate variability.

The report states that: So it is important to recognize that natural variations of climate are appreciable and will modulate any future changes induced by man. This paper was based upon a paper by the same authors that appeared in the journal Nature. The visual accord between the red instrument-measured surface temperatures and the blue proxy-derived temperatures is the result of statistical operations, not concurring data.

The shape appears in measures that show subordinate trends in the data.

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April 12, 7 Comments Stanley Bed Rock no. However, given their genius at marketing and creating demand, I suspect it was driven by a couple of different factors. In , Justice Traut patented what would become the basic Bed Rock design. That same year, E. Schade patented the frog adjustment feature that would initially be used on the Bed Rock planes, and eventually would become a mainstay feature of the Bailey line of planes. Traut Patent , , Apr 2, E. Schade Patent , , Sept.

They first appeared in Stanley catalogs in , but there is some evidence they may have begun manufacture as early as Apparently there was a dispute over the Schade patent, because those sold for the first year or two have the Sept.

Bed Rock Type Study

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Related stanley plane consist nielsen John Rowlands plane John Rowlands fundamentals veritas stanley bench planes dating millers falls bedrock block Antique woods mitt carpenters plane L. This solidly constructed workbench woodworking plane from Henry M. M O R east due south T A due north liter E Y sulfur atomic number 53 tetraiodothyronine E S.

Answer I have been a strong advocate for the 4 plane because it is the most versatile plane of all of the bench plane category and, AND, I really want new or beginner woodworkers to understand the true value and importance of this specific plane. It was and still is an incredible plane and it alone counters the false impression being passed out universally now that you need heavyweight planes.

Seconhand tool dealers like Tony Murland are great guys to search out tools you need if you want a more guaranteed result than shopping on eBay With regard to longer planes, these planes have a place in the workshop of any enthusiast. In fact, this week I have been prototyping a new bar stool design which will be made from hardwood for a book I am working on.

The No 6 plane was the plane I used mostly because I needed elements to be trued as perfectly as possible. I use my components from the prototypes I make as reference pieces to develop the pieces for actual production whether this is for single production or batch production by machine methods. We rely less and less on longer planes because we buy in our wood already machined S4S or we machine our own stock using machines that saw, joint and plane our stock S4S accurately which needs not further jointing by hand methods.

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The key is finding out what Type of Stanley plane you have. About twenty years ago Roger K Smith wrote a Type Study on the different features of Stanley planes through the years. Below is one of the links. They simply build planes with whatever parts they had lying around. Below are two Stanley No 5 planes that to an untrained eye, may look quite similar to one another but are worlds apart as far as value.

Bed Rock Type Study. The chart below is a summary Type Study of Stanley Bed Rock Planes based on Bob Kaune’s thorough study and additional research I have conducted over the past several years. Please note that all type studies are approximate as production variations throughout the manufacturing years were quite common.

Currently there are 13 quality Bedrock planes most of them are the flat top sides version. Most of the planes have their original cutting irons and all are nearly full length blades and none of my planes have a repair. None of the rosewood knobs or totes have a repair or broken parts. Also you will find several Stanley special planes like the Stanley no. This booth contains over 40 truly rare planes and over 25 sweetheart planes manufactured between and There are over 20 planes manufactured in the ‘s all in excellent condition and they look like they will go another century.

There are over 40 planes that are years old. There is a type 1 Stanley no. Stanley low angle block planes include no. Other block planes include the hard to find Stanley no. There are three vintage Stanley planes with the star caps and three Stanley Excelsior body block planes from the ‘s. Also a Stanley no. Stanley cabinet scraper planes include a no. Also you can find four rare Stanley Carriage planes, no.

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The mystery No 7 Stanley Plane. What a beautiful plane! I had been looking for another No7 Jointing plane for my group participants to use. A good price for a “user”- but there was something about this plane which seemed odd, and I just couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. There were several indicators which told me this was an old plane.

Note: This is a typical tote for Stanley planes from the #5, up; however, Stanley totes vary from type to type. You should measure your existing tote or plane and .

Animation of how a basic vertical seismograph records seismic waves. Animation of a horizontal seismograph. Seismographs are instruments used to measure seismic waves. They measure vibration of the ground using pendulums or springs. The principle of the seismograph involves mounting a recording device solidly to the earth and suspending a pen or writing instrument above it on a spring or pendulum. As the ground shakes, the suspended pen records the shaking on the recording device.

The graph resulting from measurements of a seismograph is a seismogram. Seismographs of the early 20th century were essentially springs or pendulums with pens on them that wrote on a rotating drum of paper. Digital ones now use magnets and wire coils to measure ground motion. Typical seismograph arrays measure vibrations in three directions: To determine distance of the seismograph from the epicenter, seismologists use the difference between the times when the first P waves and S waves arrive.

After an earthquake, P waves will appear first on the seismogram, followed by S waves, and finally body waves, which have the largest amplitude on the seismogram. Surface waves do lose energy quickly, so they are not measured at great distances from the focus. Seismographs across the globe record arrivals of waves from each earthquake at many station sites.

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The nut has a right-hand thread. The back of the lever cap is solid and has a banjo-shaped spring. The frog has a rounded back the top of it where it faces the tote. It is held into place by screws with round heads. The bottom casting’s receiver for the frog is shaped like the letter “I”.

We only have one each of any old tool and please make sure you check out all of our pages they are numbered on the top and bottom of the pages and a lot of times we have more than one picture.

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