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Comment 0 A Royal Marine boarding team is seen in front of the HMS Argyll, which has been involved in freedom of navigation exercises in the South China Sea plus naval exercises with allies such as the US, Australia and Japan, who share its concerns about Beijing claiming the South China Sea as its territorial waters. The dailyReport Must-reads from across Asia – directly to your inbox However, many British leaders believe this is not nearly enough for Britannia to rule the waves. Britain is too puny to challenge China in East Asia, but the Royal Navy could give additional punch to a potential anti-China combination of Indo-Pacific forces led by the United States. The Chinese want Britain to stop provocative moves in the area. Britain wants stronger commercial ties with Beijing to mitigate the impact of its exit from the European Union. Admiral Jones told the Financial Times that the UK would back allies in the area and resist Chinese violations of generally accepted maritime laws. Britain is a trade-focused nation, and British strategists are concerned that China could interdict marine traffic through the South China Sea waterways. HMS Argyll, an anti-submarine frigate, is currently the only vessel in service in the vast region.

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Defence Minister Harriet Baldwin said the 40, tonne vessels would be subject to open tender meaning that UK shipyards could miss out and leave the Clyde facing increased competition for future orders. Unions had hoped the vessels would be constructed in yards across the UK and leave the specialist yards on the Clyde to built complex warships.

But the loss of the order overseas would see Scotstoun and Govan facing increased competition for future deals that could jeapordise their futire beyond The GMB union is calling for cross-parliamentary support of MPs as well as shipbuilding employers to join workers and their communities and demand an end to this tragic missed opportunity for UK shipbuilding. Fears have been growing in recent months that a deal for five Type 31e frigate warship would not go to a Glasgow yard.

Hopes were finally dashed when it was confirmed a joint partnership agreement had been set up by BAE Systems, owners of the Govan and Scotstoun yards, and Birkenhead-based Cammell Laird to bid for the Type 31e.

Nov 02,  · The Royal Australian Navy’s rugby league team have travelled to the UK to take on their counterparts from the Royal Navy in a three-match series, which kicks-off with a clash in Wakefield tomorrow, Saturday.

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SOLD An pattern infantry officer’s sword, by Henry Wilkinson numbered for early , with an unusual scabbard. SOLD A large leadcutter cutlass. SOLD A good quality Indian tulwar – probably 19th century, with remains of silver koftgari to the hilt. SOLD A rare Wilkinson pattern cavalry officer’s sword, with patent solid hilt, numbered , etched to the 7th Hussars and belonged to Gerald Robarts.

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Oh how that resonates. Nor did the prickly coconut mats where I died a thousands deaths failing miserably week after week to execute a forward roll in anything approaching a straight line. More like the school gym version of water-boarding humiliating beyond belief. What made it worse was the attitude of the teachers themselves. If the teachers put us down in the gym they were likely as not putting us down in the staffroom too, to the extent that in your teenage angst where everything is compounded a hundred-fold, you were certain that every teacher in the school knew how just how feeble you were.

Stocks of it were kept in our satchels and swapped with our mates for the price of a couple of penny chews. Our periods and their associated pains appeared to last an awfully long time in those days. And although the PE teachers knew full- well what we were up to it was probably easier to ignore such misdemeanours because they could, after all, have a much better lesson without us. For far better to be a fool on your own terms than those imposed by others. So yes, I can fully understand why young girls are still opting out of the more traditional PE classes.

But honest, it does get better. Three mornings a week I get up at the crack of dawn to do a minute exercise boot camp with other masochistic souls in Riccall and we all have a bit of a crack as we groan and puff our way round the community centre car park.

British Merchant Navy – the fourth arm of defence

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Chelsea Navy Clock It is a Chelsea Clock Company, Boston, U.S.A. clock with a 6″ dial with the number stamped on the back of the mvement. The numbers are roman The numbers are roman My Gilbert Mantel Clock I have had this clock sitting around my house for a little while, but haven’t really looked into the history of it until recently.

US Navy The US navy has ordered a worldwide “operational pause” to reassess its fleet, after the second accident involving a US warship and a merchant ship in Asia in about two months left 10 sailors missing off the coast of Singapore. McCain collided with an oil tanker before dawn on Monday, sending water flooding into the hull and sparking a four-nation search for the missing men. US president Donald Trump, asked on returning to the White House after his holiday for his response to the collision, replied: Mr Trump later tweeted: Trump realDonaldTrump August 21, The accident — the second in two months involving a destroyer with the 7th Fleet — caused Admiral John Richardson, the chief of naval operations, to order an immediate halt to operations.

But it is also one of the most stretched. McCain collision is not yet clear, analysts told The Telegraph they believed that human error caused by exhaustion could be to blame. The first thing that came to my mind was concern about the tempo of operations. But it is maybe stretching its resources. But how much money do you want to spend? McCain in Putrajaya, Malaysia Credit: But questions about the deployments will certainly be asked.

North Korea warns UK against ‘act of war’ after Royal Navy deployed to enforce sanctions

Share this article Share ‘Their professionalism, courage and commitment to duty are humbling, and show clearly why the Royal Navy is held in such high regard. Since April , the Navy has deployed six ships to rescue migrants. The vast majority of migrants were rescued prior to last year, when the Navy sent bigger vessels to rescue hundreds of people. The total number rose to 18, yesterday after the Navy saved the lives of a further people who were hauled directly onto HMS Echo off the Libya coast and taken to the island of Sicily.

Migrants queue after disembarking from the Royal Navy ship HMS Bulwark upon their arrival in the port of Catania on the coast of Sicily in June A further 93 were transferred onto the vessel after being taken out of the water by a civilian ship. The small boats, which were each carrying between 90 and people, had very little room for their passengers and one was rapidly taking on water when HMS Echo arrived.


Admiral Ali Fadavi said investigations had concluded “that this trespassing was not hostile or for spying purposes” and he was waiting to receive “the required order, which probably will be their release. The order for their release “won’t take long,” he said, according to AFP. US officials say they lost contact with the two boats while they travelled between Kuwait and Bahrain. Handout via Reuters Iran’s Revolutionary Guards say Tehran has asked the U. What others say about the sailors’ prompt release is their speculation.

He also said the US sailors were being interrogated.

Russia taunts US with biggest military offensive since the Cold War

Chief Petty Officer Gordon, 59, was both the first person from her family to be born in the UK, after her parents moved from Jamaica in the s, and the first to join the Armed Forces. Now Gordon is celebrating becoming the longest serving female member of the Royal Naval Reserves, and she has no intentions of hanging up her uniform just yet. Back when she first joined as a Wren after responding to a newspaper advert and attending a selection interview, Star Wars had only just been released, James Callaghan was Prime Minister, Abba topped the charts with Knowing Me Knowing You and female Naval Reserves were not allowed to carry weapons or serve aboard a ship.

Of course, a lot has changed in the four decades since, with Reserves now fully integrated into the Armed Forces and for the first time since they were able to join the Armed Forces, women are able to serve on the front line and do all the jobs that their male colleagues can.

Argentinian Navy patrol ship ‘Islas Malvinas’ reportedly ran aground this weekend on Ushuaia beach, Beagle Channel, shortly after leaving Ushuaia Naval Base. Condition of the ship is still currently unknown, as of September 3rd she was still aground, according to AIS. Argentina use the.

History[ edit ] The geographic layout of Denmark not including Greenland and the Faroe Islands has a coastline to land area ratio of 1: By comparison, the figure for the Netherlands is 1: They were often based in a small number of villages, usually with a common defence agreement; Viking ships , usually of the Knarr type, were light, and therefore easy to transport from village to village over land.

With time, the defence pacts gave rise to larger, more offensive fleets which the Vikings used for plundering coastal areas. In the period after the Vikings, and up to the 15th century, the fleet consisted mainly of merchant vessels. Indeed, it is said that king Valdemar Sejr had more than 1, ships during the conquest of Estonia in Together they carried more than 30, soldiers with horses and supplies.

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